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Atlantis submarines

Taking a submarine ride is a cool and novel way to explore the underwater world without getting wet.

A fantastic adventure for both adults and children, Atlantis Submarines takes you on a 40-minute underwater daytime tour to depths of up to 150 feet, where you can see a shipwreck, coral formations and tropical marine life up close in air-conditioned comfort.

Apart from their popular day dive, Atlantis also offer a night tour which uses powerful spotlights to illuminate the way, showing off the vibrant colours of the reef life not visible during the day. Exploring the shipwreck by night also takes on an eerie quality as the spotlights highlight some parts of the wreck and throws others into shadows where you can only imagine night creatures lurking and observing you as you float by.

The night dive is followed by a short cocktail reception where there’s an opportunity to meet and chat with the submarine pilot and crew and sample some local delicacies.