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Barbados’ West Coast Fish Markets

As an island nation, fishing plays an invaluable role in Barbados, both in terms of community and the economy.

Thousands of Barbadians work in the industry, from boat builders, fishermen to vendors, catching fresh food every day of the year. Within every parish on the island there is a fishing village, stressing the importance of fishing for the island. Below we have discussed markets to explore during your stay, to have an authentic taste of Bajan culinary excellence.

Speightstown Fish Market

The area of Speightstown is picturesque fishing village, located on the West Coast of Barbados. The market is equipped with skilled vendors, who can fillet and package fish for you, from swordfish to the island’s national dish, flying fish. The vendors are friendly and welcoming, equipped with a wealth of information regarding what is in season and how to prepare you fresh fish.

Paynes Bay Fish Market

This is a small and intimate fish market, with the local fishermen docking up next to their stalls. The fish here is renowned for its high-quality and flavourful fish, often bought by Barbados’ finest restaurants and hotels. Selling all island delicacies from flying fish, dolphin, sea cat to king fish, the stock goes quickly. Paynes Bay is also the perfect location to enjoy a swim, with azure and calm waters serving as the perfect backdrop. On Friday and Saturday evenings, the area is a hotspot for both locals and those visiting the island to cook fish and socialise next to a Bajan sunset. It is also a perfect opportunity to indulge in the tastes of Barbados, with sides of coleslaw, salads and breadfruits.

Millie Ifill Fish Market

Located conveniently in St James, this market is clean and organised, offering a selection of line-caught fish and seafood. It is named after Millie Ifill, one of Barbados’ honoured former fish vendors and encapsulates the community spirits of the island. Prices are reported to be current with the standard rates for fish and the island, offering anything from barracuda to snapper.