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Food and rum festival

If you’re a food traveller always looking for new and exciting food and beverage experiences, you really need to attend the Barbados Food and Rum festival!

The event gathers restauranteurs, chefs, mixologists, and food lovers, turning our island into the actual culinary capital of the Caribbean.

Started in 2009, the festival celebrates the Bajan rum tradition through a series of gastronomic events that mix international tastes with the unique taste of the local cuisine, everything held together by the Caribbean atmosphere.

What You Can Expect

The Food and Rum Festival includes several nights of food and festivities dedicated to the best of the Bajan cuisine and to the Barbados national drink. This event has something tasty for all participants, locals and tourists - from food trucks for people who enjoy street food’s flavourful dishes to restaurant specials for those who prefer the comfort of a more relaxed atmosphere.

The festival includes a series of events free to the public, as well as many epicurean experiences, such as the Gourmet Safari and many signature rum events.

Since the event celebrates Barbados’ greatest creation, the Barbados Food and Rum Festival includes pop-up bars dedicated to rum and its rich history on the island. The event is an excellent opportunity for local chefs and mixologists to demonstrate their skills and show visitors another dimension of the Bajan cultural and gastronomic heritage.