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Fusion Rooftop

Conveniently located on the platinum coast in Barbados, Fusion Rooftop sits on the top floor of the fashionable Limegrove Lifestyle Complex in St James. Diners can enjoy shopping in their favourite stores before embarking on this exquisite dining experience.

Prior to indulging in the celebrated dishes on offer, guests will be struck with a spacious and visually stunning design. The restaurant is decorated with an abundance of plants and a simple colour scheme, with an open fire pit taking centre stage. Outside, the balcony features a water-table, creating a calm oasis and relaxing soundscape as the water trickles. Awe-inspiring views of Barbados’ West Coast wrap around the restaurant creating a perfect backdrop for the meal. In the evening, the restaurant is equipped with a state-of-the-art retractable roof, which can be opened so that guests dine underneath the night sky.

Fusion Rooftop prides itself on offering a fabulous wine and cocktail menu, accompanied by a range of menus to create an alluring and approachable selection suited to every palate. Many reviews compliment Fusion Rooftop for their sushi dishes, served by staff who are both attentive and anticipatory. As the restaurant specialises in sushi and Asian cuisine, this is a great option for vegetarians and vegans. The menus are seasonal to ensure ingredients are fresh and full of flavour.

The restaurant has a capacity for 250 people and offers an events package, catering to both small and large parties. The restaurant can provide a sophisticated cuisine for events such as weddings or corporate functions. Fusion Rooftop is accessed via a private lift, ensuring security and exclusivity for guests.