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Horse Riding in Barbados

Horse riding in Barbados offers an experience like no other. Sporting professionals are equipped to lead small groups on scenic routes around the Caribbean coastline, where riders can absorb the unspoilt natural beauty of the island. Below we have discussed locations and riding schools, which we recommend exploring.

The East Coast

The East Coast of Barbados presents striking scenery, with waves crashing dramatically against the rocks and a refreshing breeze. This is a great option when trying to avoid the heat of the Caribbean sun. Along certain parts of the East Coast, riders will be met with a dense jungle, filled with exquisite wildlife, flora and fauna.

The West Coast

The West Coast similarly provides riders with breath-taking views, but with a more tranquil atmosphere, renowned for relaxing and sandy beaches. This is the perfect option for less experienced riders who are looking for a slow-paced ride, with an easier terrain.

Bath Beach

On a trip to Bath Beach, riders will experience the wildlife and wilderness of Barbados. This route is known for mongooses and green monkeys, which is ensured to enhance your ride. This beach is tucked away on the South East Coast, with Casuarina trees occupying most of the landscape.

Conset Bay

Conset Bay offers a long ride, best suited to experienced riders. It is a sheltered bay in the parish of St. John and sits next the historic fishing village. You can trot through tamarind trees, listening to lively waterfalls and accompanied by a birdsong soundscape.

Pebbles Beach

When visiting Pebbles Beach, it is highly recommended to visit early in the morning to see the Bajan racehorses swimming in the sea. The sand is soft and white, with a calm sea lapping up against the shoreline.

Sandy Turf Stables Barbados

Sandy Turf stables have been highly recommended and operate in the Christ Church Parish. They offer horseback riding tours for all abilities, working with all ages. They offer beach rides, with the option to swim with the horses, creating an unforgettable experience. For riders looking for a different experience, they offer lessons in dressage, jumping and trail rides.

Cleland Equestrian Club

Cleland Equestrian Club grants riders with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the untouched beauty of Barbados’ East Coast. Tours can take riders through the forests of the Scotland District or on gentle strolls down the beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. Instructors will also be able to educate riders on the surrounding nature, including mango groves, coconut trees and five-finger fruit bushes.