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The Arlington House Museum

The Arlington House Museum is a little gem in Speightstown, a historic town in the northern part of the island.

It provides a fascinating cultural experience through interactive exhibits which takes visitors back in time, to an era of colonisation and plantation systems. The Arlington House itself is worth a visit; built back in 1750 and remaining in the merchant Skinner family for 220 years, the house was constructed using an interesting architectural model, which Bajan settlers would later use in Charlestown, South Carolina.

A Real Feel for Bajan History

The history museum respects all international standards and provides visitors with high-tech presentations which are educational and entertaining at the same time. People who want to learn more about the Bajan legacy can visit the three exhibits currently open to the public.

“Speightstown Memories”

This is a presentation of life in Barbados back around the time of the first settlers. The room includes images showing old Speightstown that illustrate nineteenth-century trade and schooners. Here, you’ll also find an old map of the island containing all the significant local historical places.

“Plantation Memories”

This exhibit shows you another side of Barbados in an artistic presentation of colonisation and slavery. Thanks to video and audio presentations, you can go back to a world dominated by sugar cane, which helped build one of the richest islands in the world, in the seventeenth century.

“Wharf Memories”

Highly appreciated by visitors of all ages, this part of the museum is dedicated to the exciting pirate stories. You can “sail” through the Caribbean while learning the story of the infamous pirate Captain Stede Bonnet, as well as about the importance of Speightstown for the local trade.

You can find details about opening hours and directions to Arlington House Museum here.