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Whats special about Barbados

Without a doubt, each island in the Caribbean has its own unique identity born from its topography, history and culture.

Without a doubt, each island in the Caribbean has its own unique identity born from its topography, history and culture. There are none, though, that boast the unique combination of qualities that Barbados possesses. A combination that has not only lured visitors to our shores for decades but gives us one of the highest repeat visitor rates in the Caribbean.

When asked why they come back, the number one reason visitors cite is the friendliness of our people. Friendly though we are, I dare say that there is something else that makes Barbados special that is difficult to articulate. Like the Mona Lisa’s smile, the island has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, a quality that eludes description but which I will humbly try to describe.

Just as the Mona Lisa is made up of a number of tiny decisions and strokes of the brush that come together to make a magnificent whole, Barbados’s charm lies in a combination of several features that fit together to create an experience that is sublime.

Barbados is justifiably famous for its brilliant turquoise water and powdery white sands that, even during our most popular season, are never overrun with people the way that European beaches are in the summer. There are other Caribbean islands with stunning beaches as well though, so I propose that our beaches are just one part of the Barbados experience.

Move away from the beaches to the equally beautiful and lush interior of the island, and you will find winding roads and gently rolling hills that reveal the agrarian roots and colonial history of the island, with everything from the local vernacular to Norman, Jacobean, Victorian and Georgian inspired architecture sprinkled throughout. Ask your Virgo Villas concierge to arrange an excursion through this beautiful countryside and make sure to visit some of our renowned plantation great houses.

Of course, if you go far enough across the interior, you will eventually arrive at the somewhat remote east coast of the island, with its wild and wonderful Atlantic surf which only world class surfers dare tackle but are a magnificent and mesmerising sight to behold.

Then there’s the fact that there’s always something happening year-round on the island, from classical concerts to film festivals, art exhibitions, horse racing, culinary competitions, reggae jams, and the much loved and anticipated carnival during the Crop Over harvest festival. Apart from special events like these, there is the vibrant nightlife which tends to be concentrated on the South Coast of the island with its many bars, dives, nightclubs and restaurants. Your Virgo Villas concierge will have all the inside local knowledge to help you find the best spots.

Because the island is small and relatively flat, with good roads and public transport system, no matter where you stay nothing is very far away. This is a good thing because another glorious thing about Barbados is the food scene. From roadside eateries to fine dining, Barbados is the type of island you can eat your way around without trying the same thing twice. This doesn’t mean you won’t want to eat the same thing twice, because you absolutely will find your own favourite spots and dishes that you’ll return to again and again. In your wanderings, a visit to a local rum shop or four should not be missed. Since Barbados is the self-declared birthplace of rum, this is one beverage you’ve got to try.

Another special element is the range of accommodation available in Barbados and you don’t even need to work very hard to find the right place for you. Virgo Villas is more than happy to help you find the perfect place to suit your needs.

The final element that really pulls everything together, the last stroke of the brush so to speak, is the fact that Barbados lies just outside the Caribbean archipelago on its own in the Atlantic. This is a location that has not only protected us from hurricanes but also puts us in the path of the cooling breezes of the trade winds. It is these trade winds that balance the heat of the sun and keep the air fresh, clear and shimmering most of the year.

Lie in a hammock under the shade of a tree, with the trade winds caressing your face, gently rustling leaves overhead, and blackbirds singing in your ears. Feel the cares of the world give way to an overwhelming sense that all is right with the world now and forever. This is the Barbados effect, and once you’ve experienced it, you will know without a doubt why Barbados isn’t just another holiday destination but is really a one of a kind place.